Ruby’s Stack Attack Challenge

We are going BIG for our 35th anniversary!

Think you have what it takes to conquer Ruby’s Stack Attack Challenge? You’ll have to finish our Stack Attack burger, fries, and shake in 35 minutes! Our 3½ pound burger is loaded with six 8-ounce patties and topped with onion rings, cheese, guacamole, tater tots, jalapeños and bacon, so this is no simple task. Winners will receive a certificate of completion, a $35 gift certificate to Ruby’s Diner, and our exclusive Stack Attack Challenge T-Shirt!

If you’re ready to step up to the plate, sign up below!
Please note: Guests must be ages 18+ to participate in the Stack Attack Challenge Tour. A $35 entry fee is required to participate in the challenge.

Next Participating Locations: Irvine (See Dropdown Below for Specific Date and Time)

Are you up for the Ruby’s Stack Attack Challenge?

Watch the video below: