Ruby’s On The Lighter Side

Ruby’s On The Lighter Side


Looking for the best way to kick-start your New Year, New You resolution? Try our De-“Lite”-Ful menu items only at Ruby’s Diner!

We have a selection of delicious, healthy options with most under 650 calories! From salads, to turkey burgers, to nutritious breakfast choices, Ruby’s Diner has something perfect for the new you. Be sure to keep a lookout on our social media for exciting De-“Lite”-Ful deals!

Here’s a look at some of our De-“Lite”-Ful favorites:

De-“Lite”-Ful TLT Sandwich

Want to feel energized in 2019? Enjoy our delicious TLT sandwich! This entrée includes turkey breast slices, lettuce, tomatoes and non-fat mayo all on toasted Milton’s® whole wheat bread. Served with a side salad, but fries are always an option! 

Multigrain Hot Cakes

Start your day off right with our multigrain hot cakes! These are a nutritious blend of English walnuts and almond granola. A delicious and healthy treat to ignite the new you!

De-“Lite”-Ful Chinese Chicken Salad

Our De-“Lite”-Ful Chinese Chicken Salad is served fresh and full of so many great flavors! This is a tasty blend of fresh salad mix, celery, green onions, red bell peppers, red cabbage and crisp wonton strips, tossed with our fat-free Sesame Ginger dressing and topped with a freshly grilled chicken breast.

Craving More?

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