At Ruby’s, our dedicated restaurant franchise development team works hard to make sure you have the help you need, every step of the way. If there’s one thing we know, it’s hamburger franchising – and we do everything in our power to pass that knowledge along to you.

We break franchisee support into three vital areas: development support, operational and training support, and marketing support.


Our development team will assist you with every aspect of the restaurant franchise start-up process including site selection and strategy, lease negotiations, design, and construction. We know the stakes are high and the process can be intimidating, even for experienced franchisees – but we’ve been through it all before, and we can help.


Our experienced Ruby’s operations and training team deliver best in class training and support whether you’ve been open for a month or a decade.

To help you and your team stay on track, we also provide ongoing training and operational support. Times change, menus change, and staff changes- so you can feel safe knowing our team will always be there to help.


At Ruby’s Diner, we’re ambitious. We aim to share our high-quality food and special brand of 40’s nostalgia with the whole world, and we can’t do that without continued innovation, strong branding, and good franchisee marketing support. Our experienced marketing team is strategic and creative, working hard to provide strong marketing strategies on both a global and local front.