Create Your Own Cream Soda on National Coke Day

Create Your Own Cream Soda on National Coke Day

We offer a wide variety of fountain drinks and scrumptious desserts such as Root Beer Floats, various Coke flavors, and plenty of delicious shakes, but what about cream soda?

In honor of National Coke Day, we officially have a solution. One of our wonderful managers (shout-out to Debbie from South Coast Plaza) invented an amazing hack to create your own cream soda during your next visit!

Create your own cream soda with these three easy steps:


1. Order a Coke (regular or diet – either work!)

Cream Soda Step One


2. Add whipped cream on top (trust us on this!)

Cream Soda Step 2

3. Mix together and enjoy your self-made cream soda!

Cream Soda Step 3

Easy enough, right? Give it a try during your next visit with us! Share photos of your own cream soda concoction on social media and tag us using @RubysDiner and #RubysDiner on Instagram and Twitter!